Battle worthy of new record

CONGRATULATIONS to a couple of Tuna Club of Tasmania anglers and their crews on the granting of their Game Fishing Association of Australia and Tasmanian Game Fish- ing Association records recently.

Antony Suttil was awarded records in the adult male category for a 297.80kg Broadbill swordfish caught on 60kg line on board the boat “Mighty Chief” and I contacted him for some information.

Antony wrote: “Earlier this year back on February 12, Dad and I went sword fishing up at St Helens.

“Ten minutes into our third drop of the day there was an ever distinctive ‘tap tap’ on the rod tip.

“Moments later it became tight at 10.30am and straight away the sword ran for the surface, giving us a chance at landing it.

“At the 18-minute mark I had the double (leader) on the reel and with the drag already sitting at 20kg of pressure I pushed it up more try- ing the finish the fight knowing a bad southerly was meant to hit us by 2pm.