If Agfest caps fit

IT was an early start for St Brigid School students when they took a day trip north last week to enjoy a day at Agfest.

ST BRIGIDS grade four students were rewarded with clear skies and “lots of freebies’’ for their Agfest adventure.

“We got up at 5am to come to Agfest … the kids loved it,’’ teacher Tricia Nichols said.

“They had a fantastic day and were thoroughly engaged with the exhibits at Agfest,” she said.

“Our little group loved the Tas Uni site, climbing in and on machinery, exploring the hands-on activities provided by so many exhibitors.

“Other groups explored the army site and even tackled the Scouts wall climb.

“It was a really fun and interesting day for us all.”

Agfest vice chairman Dylan Bell- chambers said after months of work, the committee was thrilled to see the event go well. The committee was expecting a crowd of about 60,000 over the three days.

Agfest remains a significant economic driver for the state, generating more than $30 million for the state every year.

“It’s not only the impact for the guys here today, but it’s the sales that come out of it down the track too,” he said.

“The experiences people have here, connecting rural communities and industries is also valuable.”