Safety first when eagles have landed

TASNETWORKS erected the latest in a series of bird protection measures at Macquarie Plains last week following recent reports of eagle electrocution.

The installation of Fire Fly bird flappers and bird perches on the 22kV distribution line, 20km northwest of New Norfolk, is part of a program in areas identified as busy for birds, and high-risk for eagles.

TasNetworks told the Derwent Valley Gazette it has so far worked to mitigate about 250km of its network around Tasmania.

Over the past four years, some $1 million a year has been invested in devices on lines and towers to help prevent collisions and electrocutions.

The devices include bird ‘flappers’ which make lines more visible to birds, as well as perches and conductor covers.

TasNetworks CEO, Seàn McGoldrick said that Tasmanians need electricity that’s safe, clean, reliable and affordable.

“They also expect good environmental stewardship,” he said, adding: “Our people are very passionate about protecting birds.’’

“We’ve built partnerships with the University of Tasmania, the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, and bird refuges, to help back our efforts with the best research and tracking.

“We prioritise high-risk areas.

“We’re encouraging reports of any bird safety incidents.”

TasNetworks will respond to specific incidents by installing devices at the incident site, usually within seven days.

TasNetworks adding bird safety devices to a high-risk pole on the edge of Macquarie Plains last week.