Girls rule

FIVE generations of first-born females from the Derwent Valley recently marked a genealogical milestone.

“This had also happened with me when I was born. I too was a fifth generation baby but sadly we didn’t get the photo as my great-great grandmother was in a home … so being able to have this photo means a lot to our family.’’

Angela Hall, 41, of Wester- way, contacted the Gazette to share her family’s joy.

“I grew up in New Norfolk and have always lived in the Derwent Valley,’’ Mrs Hall said.

New mum Brittany Hall, 22, and her partner Kyle are building a house in Westerway “so Norah can grow up on the farm like Brittany did as a child’’.

Great-grandmother Karin Clay, 60, lives in Magra.

“I am so happy that my grandmother Kay (Rader, 79 from Claremont) got to meet her great-great-granddaughter,’’ she said.

“Norah has completely changed our lives … now I am lucky enough to have two beautiful little girls I can spoil,’’ said Kyle.

The family have a habit of having first-born girls.

Baby Norah was born on Australia Day – a week early.