Valley flies the flag with pride for diversity

A PRIDE flag, symbolising diversity in the community, has been flown outside Council Chambers to mark the 31st TasPride Festival.

Raised by Derwent Valley Mayor Michelle Dracoulis on Friday, the flag fluttered alongside the Australian and Aboriginal flags in the Circle Street garden.

“It is my absolute pleasure to today raise the Pride Flag for the very first time at Derwent Valley Council,’’ Mrs Dracoulis said.

“The rainbow pride flag has become a symbol synonymous with the LGBTQIA community and the beauty and diversity of the communities in which we live.

“Today marks the start of the 31st TasPride Festival 2023, an event which provides a safe space to recognise the importance of celebrating diverse sexualities and genders.

“The festival shines a positive light on the visibility of the LGBTQIA community and encourages everyone to come out and be their fabulous and unique selves.

“The theme for this year is Tasmania Transforms – the theme is about communicating that Tasmania has transformed to the most progressive state in Australia on LGBTQIA rights.

“Today, in flying this beautiful flag, we wish to celebrate diversity and inclusion within the Derwent Valley.’’

She said the day marked the start of a healing in the community, and an acknowledgement that for much of our history post European arrival, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people had to hide their identity.

An estimated 1000 took part in the TasPride march in Hobart.