Grant is right on target for archers

BUSHY Park’s Epona Horseback Archers are one of 14 groups state-wide to receive a grant to purchase new horse yards.

A Huon Aquaculture’s Helping Hand grant allowed the club to build the yards so their horses are secure while not training.

Huon’s leading hand at the Meadowbank hatchery facility, Phil Adams, is an active member of the Epona’s group and part of the executive committee at the archery club.

Huon’s Community Relations Advisor, Kristy Harrison, said supporting organisations that staff members were involved in was always a rewarding experience for Huon.

“Our staff and their families live in these wonderful communities and it’s always satisfying to see how collaboration can achieve positive results for so many people,’’ Ms Harrison said.

“We know that a little bit of help can go a long way, so once a year we offer grants for projects, events or initiatives that support sustainable community development and innovation.”

Since its inception in September 2013, Huon has invested $461,218 in 262 projects Desma McLoud, president of the Epona’s Horseback Archers said the group was thankful for funding. “We extend our most heartfelt thank you to Huon for their recent grant,” she said.

“We’ve been planning to install some horse yards for some time and to finally have them on the grounds and operational is very exciting.”