Car-safety checklist

AS people prepare to load up their cars and visit family and loved ones across the state this Christmas and holiday period, RACT is calling on motorists to be prepared for their road trips by making sure their vehicles are up to the journey. RACT Chief Advocacy Officer Garry Bailey said there were a few easy to identify and simple to fix maintenance issues that motorists should look out for before setting off for the summer break.

“We want Tasmanians to give themselves and others on the road the gift of road safety this Christmas,” Mr Bailey said. “That means making sure your car is up to the drive before you set off on any longer road trips to spend time with family and loved ones, because there’s nothing more important than arriving safely.

“The most common issues we see with people’s cars are often the simplest to identify and fix yourself at home, or with a bit of help from your service centre. “These include broken head and taillights, batteries that need attention, underinflated or worn tyres, faulty or incorrectly installed seatbelts and child restraints.

“While they may seem like minor issues, they can cause big issues on the road if the worst does happen. “We’re also urging Tasmanians to check the lights, tyres and wheel bearings on their trailers or caravan, especially if it’s been sitting idle since last summer.

“Finally, the most important thing drivers can do on the roads is to avoid the fatal five – speed, inattention, seatbelts, fatigue and drink/drug driving.”

RACT’s Christmas car-safety checklist:

Check your oil and coolant;
Check your brakes;
Check your lights;
Check your tyre tread;
Check your tyre pressure;
Check your caravan or trailer lights, tyres and wheel bearings; and
Check your windscreen washer level.