Riding high

LOCAL adventure tourism and hospitality businesses have scored big with funding to expand their operations in Maydena, New Norfolk and Pontville.

Eighteen projects across Tasmania received State Government grant funding from more than 300 applicants. The Maydena Bike Park, which will be hosting a global event next year, the Enduro World Series, received $250,000. The funding will be matched by the bike park owners and used to diversify and attract a more general audience, not just hardcore adrenaline-seeking riders. The Maydena Bike Park is currently developing a network of walking trails.

The trails will provide multiple walking options, including a short walk with views over Maydena township, and a longer walk to a “secret’’ waterfall. All trails will be available for free access (no dogs allowed), providing an additional non-riding activity for visitors to the town, and a recreational opportunity for local residents.

The Agrarian Kitchen has also been given funding. With $250,000 in grant funding, the Agrarian Kitchen’s visitor experience will be improved by further developing the one-acre walled garden within Ward C’s exercise yard at Willow Court in New Norfolk. An unused room in the current eatery building will also be refitted and landscape re-turfed to offer shaded areas.

Guided garden tours and gardening classes will also be offered as part of the development of an outdoor space for destination weddings and events. Tasmania’s growing reputation as a producer of whisky will also be boosted, with $1 million being spent to fund a Tasmanian Whisky Discovery Centre at Pontville.

The project will feature a tasting bar, training academy and conference facilities. Funding for the project is designed to encourage visitors to visit regional areas.