close up photo of gray concrete road

Speed warning on roads

MOTORISTS are being warned new mobile speed cameras are being rolled out across the state. Infrastructure and Transport Minister Michael Ferguson said motorists continued to ignore the speed rules. “So we are increasing enforcement with our new fleet of mobile speed cameras,’’ Mr Ferguson said.

“These mobile speed cameras have been tested at locations all around the state in a range of Tasmanian operating conditions and now they are being rolled out to enforce speed limits.

“Mobile speed cameras will not only penalise those who choose to break the rules and ignore our speed limits, they will also deter other reckless behaviour by increasing the enforcement presence on our roads.

“From September 30, 2022, motorists detected speeding by the cameras will be hit with a fine of up to $1041 and six demerit points, depending on how much they are exceeding the limit by.

“Mobile speed cameras can be anywhere at any time. They can be on rural roads, urban city centres, high-speed roads, and even around school zones.’’

The new mobile speed cameras can detect motorists in multiple lanes travelling either towards or away from the camera. “It doesn’t matter what vehicle you drive or ride. It doesn’t matter if you are in the furthest lane from the camera or the closest one,’’ he said.

He also said that next year Tasmania will be trialing new technology including mobile phone, seatbelt, and average speed enforcement.