40km/h bid for town centre

THE Derwent Valley Council is expected to endorse a recommendation to slow traffic in the central business district. Council will meet on tonight to discuss the measure designed to improve pedestrian safety.

The 40km/h speed limit is being considered after community requests and consultation with the Department of State Growth. Streets to be included are:
• High Street – From Circle Street to Stephen Street.
• Circle Street – From Richmond to High Street and Tank Street.
• Burnett Street – From Pioneer Avenue, finishing just prior to George Street.
• Charles Street – From High Street, finishing just prior to George Street.

The New Norfolk Town Centre Concept Urban Design Plans for the Town Centre and Town Precincts Connections (The Master Plan) adopted by Council in 2020, highlighted the need to investigate options for reducing traffic speed and increasing safety within the central area.

“This can be achieved through the reduction of speed, increased plantings of trees, widening footpaths, and bulging of footpaths at crossovers to narrow road casements,’’ the recommendation to Council said. “The current High Street improvement works have narrowed the High Street, Circle Street entrance to address one of the key issues identified within the report. “This issue was the unsafe pedestrian crossing locations at the intersection of High Street and the Circle and known U-turns made by some vehicles at this location.

“The Master Plan also suggested addressing the vehicle speed and parking arrangements around the Circle. This was supported by community feedback.

“The Master Plan also identified that the current road and parking layout around the Circle does not support low traffic speed and safety, including the intersection of Richmond Street with the Circle in its current configuration.

“The current CBD footprint included for consideration does not include George Street or the Avenue.’’