Dogs banned after attack

THE New Norfolk Market has banned dogs after a dog attack late last month. Market staff, patrons and business owners witnessed “an incredibly traumatising’’ dog attack. Market owner Jessica Cosgrove said while the attack took place on the market boundary, swift action was needed to prevent similar incidents in the future.

“A passing dog was set upon by a tethered dog and this caused great distress for all involved and resulted in me taking one of the dog owners to the Emergency Department at the Royal Hobart Hospital (there was no ambulance available) and the dog who was set upon required veterinary attention,’’ Ms Cosgrove said.

“While this incident did not directly occur within the market space, it easily could have and has lead me to immediately review the New Norfolk Market’s Dog Policy. “Effective immediately, we will be trialing a no dog policy at the market for a period of at least three months. “This means no dogs within the vicinity of the road on High Street, between Burnett Street and Stephen Street during operating hours.

“This includes tying your dog up to a railing, pole or other tethering point, and also includes carrying your dog through the market.’’

Ms Cosgrove said she would investigate ‘puppy parking’ on Lee’s Corner and would make an announcement regarding this in coming weeks. “Safety is my number one priority, and for the wellbeing of all our patrons, the children who attend the market and other dogs, I have made this decision in the best interests of public safety,’’ Ms Cosgrove said.

“Please be kind as I enforce this new policy, I am the sole operator of the New Norfolk Market, with a small number of support staff and this has not been a decision I’ve made lightly. “I would also like to thank all those who came to help us during the incident.’’ The ban does not include service and assistance dogs.