Halla’s in for long run

GRETNA teen Halla Parr and her horse Janarr Shimmering Surprise are turning heads in the Equine Endurance field.

The 14-year-old, who is trained by her mum Janine, has been a steady achiever in the past few years. Halla has now completed over 1500km’s in her short career while Janarr Shimmering Surprise has clocked up 3500km.

Not to be outdone, Mrs Parr was recently awarded an 10,000km award by the national body Australian Endurance Riders Association. In the five years Halla has been competing a vet has only been called out once which is considered an impressive achievement. “That is an amazing record and credit goes to Halla for maintaining her quiet determination and happy demeanour on the endurance tracks,’’ Mrs Parr said. Halla has taken out many awards both nationally and locally, including first place national winner 1000km and first place national winner junior distance horse.

The awards will be presented to her at the Tom Quilty Gold Cup in New South Wales next month