It’s a reel thing for $2000 trout

PRIMARY Industries and Water Minister Jo Palmer slipped on an angler’s hat and gloves for what has become a staple event of the portfolio in recent years – the release of the season’s first tagged brown trout in New Norfolk last week.

Alongside members of Inland Fisheries, the Minister released the first three of the 50 new tagged brown trout into Tasmanian water systems, each with a $2000 prize on their heads. Spread out across 15 different locations in the state, the $100,000 initiative brings a common goal to anglers across the state and promotes activity and tourism in regional areas. To add to the prize-pool, 42 fish from last season’s release are yet to be caught, with the $2000 prize money on their capture still up for offer until the July 31.

Championing her call for anglers to “pull out your fishing rod, get out and enjoy Tasmania’s wonderful outdoors” Ms Palmer said the promotion was an incentive for locals, interstate visitors and new fishers to explore Tasmania’s waters. “It’s been a wonderful strategy. We’ve got free licences for kids, we really want to encourage the next generation. “We have visitors come here for our wonderful fishing opportunities anyway, but if you can add a little bit more excitement and a little bit more fun to that experience, why wouldn’t you.”

Inland Fisheries Director John Diggle said: “It gives regional anglers the opportunity to get out there and give it a go,” said. The only requirements to cash in on a tagged trout is an inland angling licence, a rod, reel and line.

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