Paint town red for Dark Mofo

LOCAL businesses are being encouraged to paint the town red as part of a campaign to boost visitors to the area and give residents a taste of Dark Mofo in the Valley. Council will jump in, with its Circle Street Chambers giving off a red glow.

Derwent Valley Mayor Michelle Dracoulis said the activities planned were designed to get increased visitation to the region as well as getting locals out of their houses to enjoy winter in the Derwent Valley. “Just because it’s a bit colder, doesn’t mean that people need to hibernate,’’ Mrs Dracoulis said.

“There are many things happening that people can participate in, including community events and a new photo competition that the council will be running during winter which, as a photographer myself, I’m very excited about.

“There is always an influx of visitors to Hobart during Dark Mofo and painting the town red is a great opportunity for us to tap into that and to encourage visitors out to the Valley to experience how we do winter differently.”

Council is urging local businesses to join in painting the town red by lighting up red or incorporating red activations during June to coincide with the Dark Mofo Winter Festival from June 8 to 22. “There are many ways businesses can easily join in, whether it’s a red window display, red lighting in their shops or businesses, or special red menu items, businesses really can go as small or as big as they want.”

Activities led by council include a refresh of the banners down High Street with a red “Unquestionably Derwent Valley” theme, the front windows of the council chambers taking on a warm red glow and hosting a free community event, ‘Red Circle’, with music entertainment, food trucks and fire pits.

Red Circle’s theme is “embrace the darkness, find the light’’. Red Circle will be held in the forecourt of the Derwent Valley Council Chambers on Friday 17 June, from 4:00pm – 8:00pm.