Lions’ cracker of a night

IT was a clear and very cold night, when our club was one of the caterers for the large crowd that attended Cracker Night at Glen Derwent.

It was a fabulous opportunity to raise funds for future club projects. It was also a wonderful opportunity to be of service to our community by providing affordable and delicious food while enjoying the family atmosphere, excellent music, huge bonfire and spectacular fireworks display.

We were busy all night with people lining up to buy our hot and warming food. Thanks to everyone who gave us such positive feedback! Kids were delighted with our glow sticks which sold out. Creativity was high with fashion accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, hats and glasses fashioned out of the bright, colourful and flexible sticks. Our marshmallow skewers, particularly the jumbos, were in great demand and provided opportunities for roasting over the Glen Derwent fire buckets which were spread around the paddock.

A big thank you to Liz and Rob Virtue at Glen Derwent for supporting our club by inviting us to participate at this wonderful family event. Thank you so much to everyone who supported us, once again.