Family ties span years

WHILE researching documents for the 2012 Senior and Reserve Premiership reunion, I came across these notes – I think they were made by Wade Gleeson –following the triumphs of that year: “A great story that has come from the season involving New Norfolk Grand Finals was completed on the weekend.

“The Chaplin family made it a triple. Brayden Chaplin played in the Under 15’s Premiership then brother Bradley played in the Reserves Premiership. To top it off, brother Bryan played in the Senior’s premiership. “And would you believe it their father Barry, who has been the trainer at the club for the past 10 years, was trainer in all three Grand Finals! “Well done to the Chaplin family, excellent work and this includes mum Elaine”.

Fast forward 10 years and the Chaplin family is still heavily involved with the New Norfolk District Football Club. Barry Chaplin is still volunteering as a trainer with the club. Bryan Chaplin has played 165 games (100 Senior and 65 Reserve).

Bryan played in the 2012 and 2013 Senior Premiership and 2014 Reserve Premiership teams. Bryan is also the Reserves Coach. Bradley Chaplin has played 186 games (20 Senior and 166 Reserve). Bradley played in the 2012, 13 and 14 Reserve Premiership and the 2017 Reserves Grand Final teams.

Bradley is the assistant coach of the Reserves. Brayden Chaplin, who is in the early stages of his career, has played 69 games (66 Senior and 3 Reserve). We now have Bradley’s son Bailey playing for the club. Bailey, who is still eligible for junior football is just beginning his career. He has already chalked up 8 Games (6 Senior and 2 Reserve).

The club congratulates the Chaplin’s and thanks them for their contribution to the club over many years.