Six of the best for United & Lions outgun Eagles

HOBART United Football Club prevailed 6-3 in a turbulent encounter at North Chigwell against Metro.

The first half was set ablaze with goals.

In a sluggish start from United, Metro hit two quick goals before United responded through strikes from Elhadi Eldayar and Joseph Mwarabu.

Metro scored again and United levelled through the ever-reliable John Wani.

It was a flood of goals in a 30-minute period. Just before half-time a penalty miss prevented a seven-goal first half.

In the second half it was all United, with further strikes from John Wani, Dhor Ngor Apuol and a second and the sealing goal from Elhadi Eldayar.

Lions outgun Eagles

HUONVILLE 12 12 84
New Norfolk: B. Wheeler 2, J. Bearman, N. Eiszele, B. Chaplin.
Huonville: B. Roberts 3, T. Godfrey 2, M. Paul 2, D. Golding,
R. Douglas, L. Ward, J. McIndoe, D. Hay.
New Norfolk: Z. Kelly, J. Daley, J. Fisher-Cooley, M. Horne, B. Wheeler, T. Bailey.
Huonville: J. Thorpe, D. Thorn, B. Roberts, R. Douglas, D. Hay, A. Johns.

THE Huonville Lions had the long road trip to the big Boyer Oval on Saturday and showed they are still a worthy contender in season 2022 as they recorded their third win by a comfortable 46-point margin against a struggling New Norfolk unit.

The Lions big men in captain James McIndoe, Rhys and Liam Ward and Michael Paul were too much for the young Eagle side to handle.

These players were ably supported by the experienced Cameron Johns who rebounded many Eagle forward entries along with Rhys Douglas who was strong around the packs, racking up many touches.

Matchups at the opening bounce saw Eagle ruck man Jacob Daley flying high with big Lion Liam Ward and Eagle on baller Jake Bearman running with Bevan Roberts.

Veterans Rohan Heron and Lion Michael Paul were pitted against each other to add to their many encounters over a number of years.

Cameron Johns picked up the dangerous Josh Clifford and the return of one of New Norfolk’s favourites sons Mark Horne (for one week only) had a key matchup on Lion ball magnet Brady Jones.

The Eagles were kicking to the dressing room end of the ground in the first quarter aided by a strong breeze.

Nathan Eiszele, who has returned to the senior squad, scored the Eagles first major.

Tough Lion on baller Rhys Douglas answered by kicking the visitors’ first goal in a congested pack of players only 10 metres out from the big sticks.

The Eagles won the footy from the next centre bounce and kicked deep into their forward line to a marking contest.

Eagle Brayden Chaplin gathered the crumbs and with a quick snap on a 45 degree angle scored the Eagles’ second.

The Lions replied moments later as Brady Jones found big key forward Michael Paul who pulled in a strong mark and kicked truly from a set shot 35 metres out.

The Lions added another six pointer moments later through Dylan Hay to put the Lions 11 points in front as quarter time scores showed.

(Huonville 4.2.26 leading New Norfolk 2.3.15)

The Lions opened the second term with a goal to young forward Tobias Godfrey and another from busy forward Bevan Roberts as the visitors skipped away.

The Eagles were struggling to break clear with clean possession and only registered one behind for the quarter against the breeze as the Lions looked to be getting the game on their terms going in with a 24-point lead at the main break.

Half time scores (Huonville 6.4.40 to New Norfolk 2.4.16)

The Eagles needed to make the most of the third term kicking with the breeze to what was the scoring end as ball winner Mark Horne found talented youngster Bailey Wheeler close to goal for the home sides third major.

New Norfolk winger Tyler Purdon booted one of his trademark long drop punts to find Jake Bearman, who marked at the true centre half forward position and slammed it through to reduce the Lions lead to just 12 points.

The Eagles had momentum for periods of the quarter as they worked their way back into the contest.

Big Lion Liam Ward kicked a much-needed goal to wrestle back a 16-point lead, but the Eagles continued to push forward and missed a couple of set shot opportunities at goal through Brayden Chaplin for two minor scores.

Moments later the Lions benefited from two 50-metre penalties to kick a goal for a 22-point lead. Improving half back Jaidyn Fischer-Cooley found Wheeler up forward 35 metres out on an angle for a great goal.

The Eagles had their best quarter for the match and only trailed by three goals as three quarter time.
(Lions 8.7.55 to the Eagles 5.7.37)

The Lions started the last term with a goal to James McIndoe and soon got their running game going which resulted in goals to Godfrey, Roberts, and Goulding to give the visitors a match-winning break over the Eagles who kicked only one behind for the term as the Lions went on to win by 46 points.

Young Eagle Zayden Kelly played a solid defensive game across half back, Jacob Daley toiled away in the ruck contests and played well in his return game from injury.

Jaidyn Fisher-Cooley was good across half back, Mark Horne had plenty of the footy and hit his team mates on the chest throughout the afternoon.

Hard-working Bailey Wheeler continues to perform well at senior level supporting Daley in the ruck and resting on the forward line with two goals.

New Norfolk fans will have to be patient as the young Eagles find their way through season 2022 with the more experienced players such as Josh Clifford, Ben Lovell, Rohan Heron, Jordan Banks-Smith, captain Josh Farrow and Jacob Daley guiding the long list of youngsters’ week by week.

It will be a roller coaster ride in weeks to come as the Eagles try to find some more forward options and more goals per game from some of their running players.

On a brighter note, we acknowledge Josh Clifford’s 250th club game (237 Senior and 13 Reserve) on Saturday.

Josh played his first game in 2007 and played in our premiership teams in 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2017.

The Eagles face the Dodges Ferry Sharks in an all-important clash as they travel to Shark Park this Saturday