Corumbene open for business Rider

MEMBERS of the Lions Club, the Derwent Valley Men’s Shed, Corumbene staff and residents turned out for the “soft” opening of Corumbene Cottage, the new day respite centre.

The centre, which was previously known as Glen Grey House, has been remodelled in the past six months and will serve as an activities centre for residents of Corumbene.

At the centre, a monthly Calendar of Activities will be driven by participants’ interests and will include guest speakers in historians and advisors on health, legalities and finances; a variety of arts and crafts; games; in-house movies; walks; bus tours; picnics and barbeques.

The centre also offers a kitchen and garden.

Under the outdoor undercover area, a beautiful, and large outdoor table was built by the Derwent Valley Men’s Shed, which was funded by the Lions Club of New Norfolk and will serve as the central hub for activities at the centre.

“We hope to see our participant numbers grow, and really have some great activities, get to know New Norfolk, the history of New Norfolk and the surrounding areas,” said Diana Purcell, Director of Community Services at Corumbene.
“We’re very hopeful that this is the beginning of a very good project.”

The Day Centre is now open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 3.30pm, with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided to the residents.

Community members are encouraged to contact the Corumbene Community Services team on 6261 7330 to find out more.