Plant thieves strike – $1300 council bill over stolen natives

THIEVES have stolen more than 150 native plants outside a new estate costing ratepayers almost $1300.

The shrubs and ground cover plants were recently removed from the sound barrier on Hobart Road where the estate is being built at the entrance to New Norfolk.

Mayor Michelle Dracoulis said the theft was senseless.

“I am very disappointed to learn that more than 150 plants have been stolen,’’ Mrs Dracoulis said.
“As the plantings are to form a sound barrier between the highway and the new estate being built, they will need to be replaced.”

“This will come at a cost of nearly $1300 to replace the 106 shrubs and 46 ground covers that were taken. “This does not take into account the cost of labour that will be required.
“I’m extremely disappointed that some people are thinking only of themselves and not of the impact they are having on everybody else. “When you steal from council, you are stealing from the community.’’

More than 1000 Australian native trees and shrubs were planted on the boundary of The Mills project.

They included black sheoaks, red flowering gums, white peppermints, grey saltbush, coastal rosemary and creeping boobialla.

Last month Noble Ventures director Roger Noble said the plants had been carefully chosen.

“New Norfolk is a beautiful town and the selection of native Australian plants and trees has been chosen to complement the natural environment,’’ he said.
“The planting and landscaping surrounding the acoustic fence is designed to increase amenity for future residents at The Mills, as well as enhance the existing streetscape for those driving past.”

He said they had been looking forward to seeing the plants and trees take shape.