Hyper-local action plan – Action plan to boost Valley business

A NEW campaign with a hyper local focus has been launched by the Derwent Valley Council with a view to encouraging everyone to spend local and support local.

Council recently endorsed its Covid-19 Local Business Support and Recovery Action Plan 2022.

The plan provides what council describes as a roadmap for support local businesses.

The plan defines initiatives council will undertake over the next 12 months to support local businesses and stimulate the local economy.

In preparing the Action Plan, the council engaged with stakeholders from several business sectors including tourism, retail and hospitality, and events to gain insights into how businesses had been impacted since borders were opened in December and their thoughts on how the council could best provide support to them.

Newly elected Derwent Valley Mayor Michelle Dracoulis said during her recent campaign she heard firsthand how tough it had been for some businesses in the past two years.

“We have some wonderful small businesses in the Derwent Valley, and I had the privilege to chat with many of them during my recent campaigning for mayor,’’ Mrs Dracoulis said.
“This action plan provides a strategic and coordinated “whole-of-council” approach to supporting local businesses recovering from the impacts of the pandemic.”

The plan has four objectives:
• ensure information and communication is not a barrier between council and local businesses and foster mutual understanding and collaboration;
• support local jobs, encourage business investment, and ensure the region has the infrastructure needed to support recovery and growth;
• use council’s influence to advocate for the needs of our community and businesses; and
• stimulate the local economy with initiatives that encourage visitors to the Derwent Valley and support local economic activity.

Some of the first projects to roll out from the action plan include a “Go Local First’’ campaign due to launch in the coming weeks.

“This campaign will encourage and remind us to choose local businesses when purchasing products, and services,’’ Mrs Dracoulis said.

In April, the council will be hosting a business and tourism forum which will provide an opportunity for business owners to share information, network, and collaborate on some upcoming opportunities over the usually quieter cooler months ahead.

Council will also be hosting a webinar for local business owners later this month to provide an update on council activities and plans.

Business owners can register through the council website to participate.

More information about the Covid-19 Local Business Support and Recovery Action Plan 2022 can be found on the council’s website.