Six in race for Mayor

Derwent Valley voters are spoilt for choice in the upcoming Mayoral elections with six candidates vying for the position.

Phillip Bingley
Having retired after 39 years in local government, my priorities would be to advocate with my fellow councillors:
• To help contain cost of living expenses for our ratepayers, particularly for families and pensioners, that Council’s annual rates and charges never increase by more than CPI for an average family home;
• As a priority project Council re-establish a Visitor Information Centre in New Norfolk to help support and promote existing and new tourism businesses throughout the entire Derwent Valley and Central Highlands;
• Through the Mayor, Council provide more support for our many local volunteer clubs and groups and less on unnecessary Council bureaucracy;
• Council supports a culture of respect, dignity and inclusion by altering the current Boyer Oval player shower and toilet facilities to cater for both sexes.

Peter Binny
There is an underlying disquiet in the community that has been manifesting for some time.
I don’t think anyone would try to argue that all is well in our local government when some people are openly talking about administration.
I was elected in 1994 but resigned soon after because it was obvious to me the council would not function properly for a full term and to protect my professional reputation.
Within about 18 months the Council was put into administration which lasted about two years.
The Council needs a new direction and new leadership, it needs to work cooperatively within itself and with the administration to properly reflect the appropriate community expectations.
My extensive experience in government, local government and in private enterprise stands me in good stead to provide the insight and judgement necessary to lead this council.
I want to see pride put back in our community.

Jessica Cosgrove
I am 35 years old and have lived in the beautiful Derwent Valley my entire life, I’m your Acting Mayor and I run a successful local tourism business; the New Norfolk Market which has contributed approximately $1.6 million to the local economy.
I have extensive professional experience in both local and state government departments.
My acquired knowledge allows me to make informed decisions to help make our region livable, safe, and sustainable.
Over the past three years since I’ve served on Council, I have demonstrated my commitment, professionalism, and proved I am inclusive leader.
I have shown credibility, courage, and compassion, especially during challenging times of adversity such as floods, bushfires and most recently the Coronavirus Pandemic.
In my personal life, I am a mother of three boys, two of whom attend local schools.
My youngest is on the autism spectrum and I genuinely know the struggles ‘real’ people can face.
I am committed to supporting families within our community and helping create an abundance of opportunities for them.
Ultimately, it all comes down to the fact I care.
I Love our Valley and I Love our people.
Vote 1 Jessica Cosgrove for strength, stability, and solidarity.

Michelle Dracoulis
I am an artist, curator, small business owner and community volunteer who lives in New Norfolk.
I have four children, two of which are grown and a husband who works in hospitality.
I take great pride in making a home and raising my family in the Derwent Valley.
I offer a fresh perspective to the Derwent Valley Council and will work hard to build positive relationships that result in positive outcomes.
We are a region going through great change – our rich and delicate history is apparent at every turn while a dynamic future looms before us.
I recognise and support the need to stay connected with this history while still moving forward sustainably in a way that brings everyone along.
Local business, industry and tourism need to be acknowledged, supported and promoted.
Relationships need to be built or mended and we must be aware of our most vulnerable people and their right to quality of life and access to services.
I offer myself to the people of the Derwent Valley, to speak out when needed, but more importantly, to listen.

Tony Nicholson
I have nominated for councillor and Mayor at the request of a number of ratepayers, having had 14 years prior experience on Council as a councillor, Deputy Mayor and Mayor.
Since the last council election there have been six resignations.
This indicates there are serious issues within council that need to be addressed.
At the recent Annual General Meeting of council, ratepayers expressed their frustrations and concerns that need to be actioned promptly to give confidence in Local Government as a responsible entity through openness, transparency and accountability.
If elected my priorities are to work with colleges for an efficient administration that reflects community aspirations, social justice and land use sustainability in a changing climate that will ensure the Derwent Valley is one of Tasmania’s premier communities.

Julie Triffett
Having been on Council for nearly eight years, I feel I have the experience and expertise to fulfil the role of Mayor.
I have strong leadership qualities including good listening skills, good negotiating skills, and respect for others.
With the agriculture, aquaculture, viticulture industries plus the manufacture of beers and spirits, the culture, the history, the scenery, people, educational and sporting opportunities, aged care facility, and tourism, this community is growing and developing into the place where people want to come to visit and live.
Issues that I care about include women’s issues, crisis accommodation, homelessness and the municipality’s public spaces.
I won’t make promises I can’t keep, but I will listen to the community.