Mayor hopeful hit by hatred – Online smear over son’s Covid diagnosis

ACTING Mayor Jessica Cosgrove has been the target of online trolls since revealing she was in isolation as her sons had tested positive to Covid.

“I can now understand first-hand the overall emotional response that a Covid diagnosis can have upon members of our community,’’ Ms Cosgrove posted on social media.

Late last week, her eldest, fully vaccinated and asymptomatic son tested positive. Her younger son, who is unvaccinated also got the virus and was very unwell.

“As required by Public Health orders, I have isolated immediately (my result was negative) and have notified my close contacts,’’ Ms Cosgrove said.
“Whilst this is very bad timing for me personally as I’m currently Acting Mayor, in the middle of an election campaign for Mayor and run a weekly public event, the health of my family and the community comes before all else.’’

Since revealing the diagnosis most people have responded with support, but some trolls have accused her of letting her sons roam publicly and one said “not happy with the acting Mayor b—h she won’t get my vote stupid’’.

Ms Cosgrove said during these challenging and difficult times “we need to remain positive and stick together as a community”.

“Unfortunately due to my family’s current situation I have been subject to some unfair and nasty commentary,’’ she said.
“Everywhere is potentially an exposure site, and it’s near impossible to pinpoint where individuals have contracted the virus.”
“Passing judgment on people for being diagnosed with Covid-19 is not healthy or helpful, especially when they have been following all the rules and regulations as required.

“In times like this it’s important to show compassion and spread kindness, not hate.
“For background, my fully vaccinated Covid-positive son (Vincent) spent some time fishing with a group of boys prior to testing positive that same evening. “(Younger son) Ashton was not ill when they left to catch up with them, it came on very suddenly.
“As soon as Ashton became ill I collected the boys from the fishing spot they were dropped off at (they were not roaming around as known close contacts, in which has been stated online).

Vincent has not shown any symptoms at all, even following testing positive.

“I have remained incredibly vigilant throughout the whole pandemic and, since our borders have reopened, even more so.
“I have been more than open and transparent about my family’s situation to avoid the spread of misinformation and judgment such as this, as I would never intentionally do anything to put our community I love at risk.’’

As of Tuesday Ms Cosgrove’s son was fully recovered, but she was symptomatic and requiring to quarantine.