Movember grows on our mayor

DERWENT VALLEY Mayor Ben Shaw has called for the community to get behind his or their own facial hair push for Movember this year.

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“I am taking on the Movember challenge this year,” Mr Shaw said.

“It’s the first time I have participated in the challenge and I’m looking forward to raising some funds and some much-needed awareness for men’s health.
“Men’s health is topic that is very close to my heart and something that needs discussion in a community like ours.
“I look forward to the journey and the discussions we are going to have ahead.”

Movember is a charity event held every November, where people can show their support in raising awareness for men’s heath by growing or sporting a moustache and donating.

The charity does not specifically focus on one type of health issue, rather raising awareness for a host of issues, including testicular and prostate cancer, as well as mental health.

A men’s health issue that awareness can be raised for this month is andropause, or male menopause, a common but often under-represented men’s health issue.

Caused through the loss of testosterone in men, symptoms associated with this are typically impotence, a loss of energy and motivation and can often lead to depression.

Bill Dermody, a vocal member of the community when it comes to health, said: “With Movember here, I want to bring to the attention of families something that is of little knowledge in communities.”
“Like with women, men can go through menopause too.”
“An increase in oestrogen in men over a number of years, often a reaction to a drop in testosterone, is also contributing factor to men developing breast cancer.
“With suicide per capita being the highest in men over the age a 55, I’d ask that families or people with friends who are going through symptoms like these in their 50s, please help them out.
“Encourage them to go to their GP and have a testosterone level blood test.”

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