dog with intravenous line on his leg

Alert over dog killer – Case of parvovirus confirmed

DOG owners in the Derwent Valley have been warned about a confirmed case of the highly contagious parvovirus in the New Norfolk area.

The Derwent Valley Council has been advised there have been several confirmed cases of parvovirus in New Norfolk as well as in Hobart.

Dog owners should ensure their dogs have vaccinations up to date against this virus which can quickly kill unvaccinated dogs, especially puppies.

“It’s important to note your puppy will not have full immunity against the virus until two weeks after their final puppy vaccination,’’ a council spokesperson said. “Unvaccinated puppies or incompletely vaccinated puppies should not be exposed to unvaccinated dogs or unsafe environments where parvovirus may be introduced such as kennels or dog parks.’’

Transmission can occur in several ways but most commonly through direct contact with an infected dog or, secondly, direct contact through the nose or mouth with infected faeces, saliva or vomit.

Transmission can also occur through contact with a human who has carried the virus into the home on their skin, clothing or shoes – humans can easily carry the virus after coming in contact with a dog that’s carrying faecal particles on their hair or paws, or even stepping in infected faeces in the street.

Additionally, if a dog licks or sniffs a contaminated surface such as drinking bowls or carpets, they can become infected.

If you suspect your dog may have contracted parvovirus seek veterinary attention as soon as possible.