Party time for Eagles

THE New Norfolk District Football Club wound up season 2021 with their club Best and Fairest Count and awards evening at the Valley Sports Bar recently.

SENIORS – Men’s Les Hepper Best and Fairest Medal: Jamie Sokolski 103 votes. Runner-up: Jye Bearman 92 votes.
Josh Farrow 67, Jack Crossin 46, Rohan Heron 43, Caden Wilson 36, Ben Lovell 35, Josh Hills 33, Jacob Daley 30, Blair Wardlaw 28, Will Banks 27, Tyler Ford 25, Tyron Bailey 22, Jacob Wigg 21, Brayden Chaplin 20, Rhys Heald 20, Ashley Burgess 16, Jake Bearman 14, Brock Triffett 11, Jordan Banks-Smith 8, Corey Jetson 6, Josh Clifford 4, Josh Van Lierop 4, Jack Stevenson 3, Tim Butterworth 3, Tyler Purdon 2, Nathan Eiszele 1.

SENIOR WOMEN’S Pixie Turner Medal for Best and Fairest: Sophie Farrow 146 votes. Runner-up: Dannielle Clifford 66 votes. Grace Kube 45, Mia Temple 41, Carolyn Mart 35, Jorja Franklin 30, Maddison Tomkinson 27, Laura Wigg 25, Tayhlar Tangata 21, Chyla Pfeiffer 19, Kim Boxall 14, Jasmine Skelly 14, Jaymee-Lee Mansfield 10, Natalie Bearman 10, Kimberly Slater 9, Ruby Lawson 8, Steph Cartlidge 8, Kaitlen Rainbird 7, Lisa King 3, Sophie Lincoln 2.

RESERVES – Roydon Howard Medal for Best and Fairest: Torne Tangata 123 votes. Runner-up: Jordan Eiszele 89 votes. Tyson Eiszele 71, Jack Hills 48, Andrew Minchin 48, Rowan Thomason 46, Luke Browning 45, Corey Ransley 22, Tyler Purdon 22, Jack Taylor-Evans 21, Brett Hodge 15, Jaidyn Fisher-Cooley 15., Blair Wardlaw 14, Josh Van Lierop 14, Jake Foster 14, Cody Morgan 14, Nathan Ford 13,. Matthew Jones 12, Hayden Biellemen 10, Nathan Eiszele 9, Clinton Curtain 9, Kyle Walker 9, Michael Murray 9, Ethan Holden 7, Caden Donaghy 6, Bryan Chaplin 5, Rohan Heron 4, Wade Burgess 3, Jordan George 3.

COLTS (Under 19s) J.H Dixon Medal for Best and Fairest: Bailey Wheeler 112 votes. Runner-up: Thomas Lovell 91 votes. Brodie Scanlon 76, Corey Keleher 62, Mitchell Hay 53, Jordan George 49, Zane Lester 35, Riley Blackaby 21, Chaz Knight 20, Tyron Triffett 19, Ethan Holden 17, Jye Graham 15, Jack Miller 14, Tye Oakley 13, Caden Donaghy 12, Jayden Triffett 10, Bailey Chaplin 10, Sam Holloway 9, Zachary Jones 9, Zac Wheeler 8, Zack Holloway 7, Hayden Burns 3, Seton Hine 3, Liam Howard 2, Tyler Scanlon 2, Samuel Jackson 2, Tyler Zabel 1.

* All three best and fairest counts were run by three cards of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 votes per round. *


SENIORS Most Consistent: Josh Farrow. Most Courageous: Brayden Chaplin. Best Utility: Jacob Daley. Best Backman: Josh Farrow. Leading Goal Kicker: Jack Crossin 44 goals. (Roster matches: 42. Finals 2). Best Clubman: Rohan Heron. Betty Crosswell Rising Star Award: Will Banks. Players Choice: Jamie Sokolski.

WOMENS Most Consistent: Sophie Farrow. Best Utility: Grace Kube. Best Backwoman: Dannielle Clifford. Leading Goal Kicker: Jaymee-Lee Mansfield 9 goals. (Roster matches: 8. Finals: 1). Best Person: Dannielle Clifford. Coaches Award: Mia Temple.
Rising Star Award: Laura Wigg.

RESERVES Most Consistent: Andrew Minchin. Most Courageous: Brett Hodge. Best Utility: Corey Ransley. In Best Backman: Luke Browning. Leading Goal Kicker: Clinton Curtain 40 goals. (Roster matches: 34. Finals: 6). Best Clubman: Lucas Harris.
Coaches Award: Oliver Haigh.

COLTS (Under 19s) Most Consistent: Brodie Scanlon. Best Utility: Corey Keleher. Best Backman: Jordan George. Leading Goal Kicker: Jack Miller-Morgan 18 goals (Roster match- es: 18. Finals: 0). Best Clubman: Sam Holloway.
Coaches Award: Chaz Knight. Taylor Lacey Memorial: Mitchell Hay.


Best Clubman: Jamie Hill. Best Clubman: Wayne Walker. Best Clubman: Brett Rothwell. Best Clubman: Bradley Chaplin. Best Clubman: Brendan Wigg.

Ray Aitchison outlines some highlights of the New Norfolk District Footbal Club’s season 2021.

In the seniors and reserves:
•. 22 players played their first club game;
• 13 former players returned to the club;
• four senior players played all 17 games;
• three reserves players played all 19 games;
• two others played every game, seniors and reserves;
• Rohan Heron and Luke Browning played their 250th club game during the season;
• Ben Lovell and Andrew Minchin played their 200th club game during the season;
• Corey Ransley played his 150th club game during the season;
• Jacob Wigg and Jordan Banks-Smith played their 100th club game, Wigg all senior games during the season;
• Brayden Chaplin, Josh Farrow, Jordan Eiszele, Jake Foster, Joshua Hills, Tyler Purdon and Jack Taylor-Evans all played their 50th club game during the season;
• three players kicked bags of 10 or more goals during the season – Bryan Chaplin (10 in round one), Clinton Curtain (14 in round 10) and Jack Crossin (11 in round 10).
• 12 colts players played a senior or reserve game during the season.

In the women’s team:
• team won its first game in the first round;
• team scored on more than one occasion in several matches for the first time;
• 25 women played their first game for the club, many their first game ever;
• five women played in every game during the season;
• for the first time several players scored more than one goal for the season;
• team played in the finals for the first time. In the colts:
• three players played every game;