Back to the wicket

WITH the footy season now over, it’s time for the great old game of cricket to get under way in the Derwent Valley and Central Highlands.

It hasn’t been all plain sailing in the lead up to the first matches as clubs have had very limited training due to the consistent wet weather.

This has also made it very difficult for the Southern Cricket Association in releasing rosters due to the availability of grounds.

The first lot of men’s matches to kick the season off will be the T20 Super Bash this Saturday and Sunday and will run through to the end of the month.

The semi finals and grand finals will be held on Saturday October 30 and Sunday 31.

The following weekend the 50 over rosters will commence and the women’s roster will begin on Saturday, November 13.

The Hurricanes Junior League rosters for the U/13s and U/15s boys and girls are due to start on Sunday, October 24, while the Hurricanes Junior Stage Two roster will commence on Wednesday, October 27.
Let’s take a look at how each club is looking for season 2021/22.

Bothwell Cricket Club
Bothwell in their seventh season will field three teams in the SCA. In the men’s, Bothwell I will play in fourth grade in both the 50 overs and T20’s rosters.
Bothwell II will be in seventh grade for both formats.
Both teams bowed out in the first week of finals last season in the 50 overs and in the T20s Bothwell I were runners up and Bothwell II finished third.
In their third season since forming, the women’s team will again compete for the premiership in their respective competition, last season the team improved out of sight finishing a very creditable third.
Joey Eyles will once again lead the club, but this season has been joined by his son Nathan in a dual role as president.
New players to the club are Josh Nichols from Molesworth who will be a very handy inclusion while Amity Booth from New Norfolk has joined the women’s team as had Hayley Kline and Keely Foster.
On the departures list, Bo Kline has gone to New Norfolk, Anthony Cengia to Montagu Bay, while with the women’s Nikita Chivers has joined with Bagdad and both Leisa Pearce and Tara-Lee Pearce have gone to New Norfolk.

Gretna Cricket Club
The Gretna Cricket Club will again be lead by President Peter Rainbird and have again appointed Colin Cunningham as its coach.
Like last season, Gretna I who finished fourth last season in the 50 over matches and seventh in the T20’s will again play in second grade for both formats.
Gretna II which finished seventh in the 50 overs and fifth in the T20s will again play in fifth grade for both formats.
Of the arrivals, Brad Moles has returned to the club after 8 seasons with Bagdad and will bring plenty of experience.
Zac Webb has also returned.
Kayleb Bennett who played with Dodges Ferry has joined as to Jordan Gregory.
On the departures, the Wheeler brothers in Zac and Bailey have moved to the Knights.

Molesworth Cricket Club
For Molesworth, Sam Percy has taken on the president roll from the hard working Brayden Hodge who will be still involved as Vice-President.
The club will again field two sides in the SCA for season 2021/22.
Molesworth I will play in second grade for both the 50 and 20 over matches, while Molesworth II who took out the premiership in seventh grade last season have gone up to sixth grade, but will remain in seventh grade for the T20 rosters.
Hayden Nichols and Jed Morgan are new players to the club, while Nick Ransley has committed to a full season.
On the departures, the Nichols brothers have moved on with Jeremy to New Norfolk and Josh to Bothwell and Torne Tangata has joined with New Norfolk.

New Norfolk Cricket Club
After a successful 2020/21 season, the Redcaps look to be again a strong out fit across all teams.
In the off season, the club made some big announcements.
Jordan Banks-Smith was appointed as head coach of the men’s senior teams and Matthew Bowden as his assistant, while former coach Jason Rigby will be the club development coach.
Aaron Drew has been appointed as the new women’s coach and the new position of Chairman of Selectors has been taken on by the injured Josh Walsh.
The club will field three senior men’s teams and one women’s team in the SCA.
After taking out back to back premierships last season in the 50 over format, New Norfolk I will again play in first grade.
New Norfolk II will again play in second grade and will look to better last season of not making finals in the 50 overs and in the T20 final finished runners up in what was a close encounter.
New Norfolk III who finished third in fifth grade will remain in this grade, but in the T20 roster where they were runners up in the fifth grade, have now been put in sixth grade.
For the men’s teams, club has gained Beau Kline and Adam Pearce from Bothwell and Torne Tangata from the Molesworth club.
On the departures only Josh Walsh is on the list due to recovering from a knee injury.
For the women’s team, Leisa Pearce and Tara-Lee Pearce have come down from Bothwell, while on the departures, Amity Booth has left to play with Bothwell.
In the juniors, Kelly Read who did a great job last season will again coach the Under 15 girl’s team and also the new team in the Under 13 girls.
Tim Lowe will again coach the Under 15 boys while Aaron Maddox will be in charge of the U/13 boys and Loucas Stott will coach the Stage Two team Under 13 boys team.

Michael “Nutsy” Nunn

LAST week the Derwent Valley lost one of its true gentleman and great all-round cricketers in Michael Nunn.
Micky or Nutsy as he was affectionately known to many, gave great service to the Molesworth Cricket Club and was arguably one of the best bowlers seen in the Derwent Valley.
He won the DVCA A-Grade Cricketer of the Year award three times (1989/90, 1994/95 and 1999/2000 and also won the DVCA bowling average six times, his best being 7.1 in season 1994/95.
With Molesworth he won the Molesworth I bowling average seven times and the batting average three times.
He was named best clubman in 1994/95 and captain of Molesworth I in 1995-96.
He played in one grand final for Molesworth II (runners-up) and four with Molesworth I with one being the premiership of 1993/94 when the club won its first A-Grade flag since 1965 and first in the DVCA.
He was made a life member of Molesworth in 2000.
After Micky had retired from cricket, the DVCA had the A-Grade best player in the grand final named in his honour in 2007/08.
Yes Micky Nunn had done it all, a great cricketer and character of the game.
On behalf of the cricket fraternity, deepest condolences to all his family and friend