On your bike – riders get back on track again

AFTER snow delayed the planned opening weekend, Maydena Bike Park opened its doors over the weekend just passed, with the team looking ahead to a big season.

General manager of the bike park, Rhys Ellis, said he and the team were excited to get people back and riding again, and the delay hadn’t scared too many people away.

“It’s been a nice warm-up, good for our new staff and new crew.”

About 300 people were expected to head through the gates from Friday to Monday and, though Covid has slowed the international competitions from coming to Maydena, Rhys said national-level events are again on the calendar for 2021 and 2022.

Rhys Ellis

“We had a really huge year for events coming up, that has changed in the current Australian Covid climate, but we’ve the EWS Global event planned, where all the top riders in the world come out, but that’s been bumped a year.”

Next Sunday, alongside park owner Simon French, Rhys is undertaking a 15-hour charity ride through the park, to raise money for the Tim Blair Run for Kids Foundation.

The goal is to break the record for laps of the Maydena Park circuits, with 15 laps their target.

Donations can still be sent in at Fundraiser by Simon French : 15hr of Gravity- Kids Cancer Fundraiser (gofundme.com)