Deputy Mayor’s bid to fly Aboriginal flag

THE Derwent Valley Council should undertake consultation with the local Aboriginal community and broader members of the region to develop a recognition strategy, Deputy Mayor Jessica Cosgrove has proposed.

In addition, Ms Cosgrove wants the indigenous flag to be flown alongside the national and state flags outside Council Chambers.

A motion to develop an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Recognition Strategy over the next 12 months will be discussed at this week’s Council meeting.

“Following an overwhelming number of requests and conversations I have personally had with constituents, and recent communications to Council during public question time, it is evident that many members of the Derwent Valley Community would value the Aboriginal flag being permanently flown alongside the Australian flag,’’ Ms Cosgrove said.

“At present, the Australian flag is the sole flag flown on the building at the top of the Derwent Valley Council Chambers.

“I suggest the Council installs three flag poles to permanently fly the Australian flag, state flag, and Aboriginal flag on the lawns of the Derwent Valley Council Chambers.”

Ms Cosgrove also said: “To commemorate the installation of the Aboriginal flag it is appropriate to have a culturally appropriate gathering.

“Ms Waterfield, Aboriginal Education Officer at Ptunarra Child and Family Centre in New Norfolk has kindly offered to conduct a smoking ceremony which will be a very profound and meaningful ceremony.”

She said the Council had so far not formally acknowledged dates and events of importance to the Aboriginal community including NAIDOC Week, Reconciliation Week, and Harmony Day.