Successful year for junior soccer

THE Junior Trophy Day 2021 was a great success at the weekend.

Congratulations to all the kids who seemed to be the overwhelming winners in the kids vs adults games.

What a great season this has been for the juniors.

It follows a very difficult couple of years for this club, with just two people trying to keep the club afloat, which meant the club was unable to field junior teams last year.

Thankfully this year we have a full strength committee to rebuild and get things running again. We fielded four teams this year, not much but it’s a start – and what a superb four teams they are.

All players have improved out of sight over the season, it’s been a very special time for us to watch the change.

Thank you to the player and parents for sharing the joy of this beautiful game and getting players to their games on time each week, we hope you have enjoyed yourselves.

Thank you to our wonderful coaches – Paul Cairns for Under 6; Sean Feil, Kayla Bentley-Kobie and Sean Hay for Under 7 Black; April Watt for Under 7 Red; and Charlie Downie for Under 10.

It’s a demanding job but also so rewarding.

Report by Janine White