Cider from land of Plenty

TRANSFERRING their knowledge from the winemaking industry over to Tasmania’s “best fruit”, Plenty Cider are bringing their enthusiasm for the industry to the Derwent Valley.

Adam and Grace D’Arcy have been quietly growing Plenty Cider since it was showcased at Taste of Tasmania and the Hamilton Show in 2019.

Grace is born and bred in the Derwent Valley, her family farm in Plenty being where the cidery is located, while Adam made his way down from Adelaide a few years ago.

Coming with experience across Australia as a contract cider maker as well as his time at Willie Smith’s as a production manager, Adam began the Plenty Cider journey experimenting with his own style in his shed on the family farm.

“When I came to Tasmania and saw how awesome it was, I saw an opportunity to lead a growing category in Tasmania, where the best fruit was available,” Mr D’Arcy said.

“We’ve had a European cider trip to inspire us to where we wanted to head and what ciders we wanted to make,” Mr D’Arcy said.

While they grow apples at their family farm, Plenty Cider take the majority of their produce from Reid Fruits’ orchards across Glenora Road.

“The most important thing for us, whether you’re a traditionalist, or in to the new-world ciders is that you’re using Australian fruit, we’re really trying to focus on using fruit from the Derwent Valley.”

“We’re proud to be here in the Derwent Valley, the wine region has always been top notch in this area and now there’s new brewery’s, new distillery opening, I think this area has been crying out for more things like this for a long time, and now we’re here, the local support we’ve had has been fantastic.”