Check-in cheats on track for fines

SIGNIFICANT fines are now in force if people over 16 years fail to use the Check-In Tas app at applicable locations regardless of how long they are planning to stay at a business or venue.

About 30,013 venues have registered to use the Check In TAS QR code, as a safeguard to keep the community safe from a Covid-19 outbreak.

Since the end of July the range of premises required to use the Check-In TAS app expanded and businesses also require staff to check in on each shift.

Businesses now included in the check-in system include retail premises, such as supermarkets, shopping centres and big box outlets, as well as accommodation premises, educational settings and aged care locations.

In August taxis and ride share arrangements were added to the list. If someone refuses to check in, the business owner or event operator can ask that person to leave and refuse them entry to their premises.

A health department spokesperson said while it was not a legal requirement to refuse entry if someone chose not to check in owners and event managers have that option if they wish.

“If a person refuses to provide contact tracing information, businesses should politely make them aware of their legal obligation to do so, and encourage people to check in,” the spokesperson said.
“Businesses should not be enforcing the direction and may raise issues of non-compliance with Tasmania Police.”

Business owners and operators of relevant premises are required to display the QR code for Check-In TAS in prominent locations at the premises, and provide an option for persons unable to use a smartphone to check in.

Support is available for businesses to ensure they are compliant, and more information is available from or by calling 1800 440 026.

The requirements do not apply to a person responding to an emergency; school students when they are at school or on a school excursion; and parents of children at childcare and students at kindergarten or primary school when dropping off or collecting a child or student from school.