New look to guide the future

SOME of the Derwent Valleys most prominent tourism operators turned out at Willow Court last week for the unveiling of the new Derwent Valley Tourism Guide, as well as the addition of two new Derwent Valley Brand icons.

The guide, which drew funds from the Derwent Valley Council and the State Government’s Regional Tourism Projects program, will be distributed across access ports of Tasmania, such as aboard the Spirit of Tasmania and at Hobart Airport, as well as throughout tourist information centres across the state.

Featured inside are guides to businesses and attractions throughout the Derwent Valley, catering to adventure, food and beverage or historical tourism.

Alex Heroys, CEO of Destination Southern Tasmania, said despite being in the most difficult time in the tourism in the last 18 months, the Tasmanian tourism industry has been well supported by locals.

“It is a tricky time, but we have to look forward and celebrate our successes,” Mr Heroys said.
“I’d like to thank all of you who have got out and spent money and supported local business, and I’d encourage you to all keep doing so.”

Mr Heroys also commended the development of the tourism industry within the Derwent Valley itself.

“The future in the Derwent Valley is really bright, the work that has gone on in the past 10 years has stood out as an area of success, you do have the natural assets, you do have the heritage, but most importantly, you do have the people, it’s the people that deliver the experience.”

Derwent Valley Mayor Ben Shaw, who introduced the guide to tourism stakeholders at the presentation, was also on hand to present an addition to the Derwent Valley Brand suite, representing the history of the region.

Mr Shaw said Council were told “that we had lost some of our heritage in our new branding,” but the addition of the Oast House and the Barracks logos were representative of the history of the region, something that will play a big part in the future of tourism in the Derwent Valley.