Markets underpin shopfront move

NEW Norfolk’s newest store opened its doors last Thursday, their shop the next step after their great successes at the markets.

Run by Brody and Stephanie Wiggins, Wiggos TCG and Collectibles and SW Candles in the Valley are the newest business in town, and the owners are looking to build on their popularity at the New Norfolk markets.

“Basically, we started in the middle of Covid with Pokemon and Candles and then we’ve grown from there,” Ms Wiggins said.

“The markets worked really well for us, but we’ve always wanted to get into a store, and when the opportunity came we jumped on it.”

The store stocks a number of kids’ toys, playsets and trading cards, as well as a huge variety of scented candles, things that, Ms Wiggins said, were typically hard to find last minute in the Valley.

“The plan is to have the toy store and to open up a play area too – there’s not much like this in New Norfolk.”

Brady also touched on the ambitions they shared in growing their store, in particular, building their store as the go-to place for Pokemon tournaments in the state.

“Statewide competitions are what we’d like to host, it’ll be fun and nerve-wracking at the same time.”

For now, the plan is to grow their store into a place where locals and kids want to come and hang out, with a lounge and TV area on the cards.

“In the short term, to be able to bring this stuff to New Norfolk and also give kids a place to come in the afternoon, to play games,” Ms Wiggins said.

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