Reading habit grows with egg

DURING the school holidays, the Paint the Valley REaD egg has made its way back to where it started its journey.

After almost four months of zigzagging across New Norfolk and the Derwent Valley, the Paint the Valley REaD egg is now back at ptunarra, where it had its first story read to it by MLC Craig Farrell in March.

Abigail Kirk with the egg in March
(above) Abigail with the egg now

“Children, parents, teachers and carers have been doing a great job of reading, playing, talking and singing to the egg,” said Katie Beamish, centre leader at ptunarra.

“This has allowed the egg to grow tremendously since it was found.”

“Just as the egg is growing, as the Derwent Valley community read, play talk and sing to it, evidence tells us this is what happens to little children’s brains, giving them the best possible start to life.”

The initiative has helped more than 500,000 birth-to-five year old across Australia and has been shown to improve literacy and communication outcomes.

As for the day-residents of ptunarra during the school holidays, guesses were flying as to what could hatch from the ever-growing egg.

A bunny hatching in a thousand years was the guess from Eli, while Jonah and Bryce stayed equally ambitious, their predictions of a shark or dragon could certainly bring an exciting climax to the eggs journey.

As the egg continues to grow, so does the excitement within the community, with a predicted egg hatching date of August 23 being whispered around the egg carers.

Anyone who is interested in the initiative can get in contact with ptunarra Child and Family Centre on 62617222.

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